Italian Imported Windows

Italian Imported Windows
PVC profiles with 5 chambers.
  1. Profile depth: 70 mm
  2. Thickness of the outer wall of PVC profiles is equal to or greater than 2.8 mm
  3. Rounded design of the wing
  4. Armor of galvanized steel: 1.5mm - 3mm
  5. A specific class profile for the temperate climate zones
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Two seals
  8. High resistance to wind, rain and dust
  9. The system more flexible for the realization of various types of frames Aluminium Cladding. There is the aluminium coating on the outside in RAL colors and wood effect (Golden Oak, Walnut, Oak Marsh) handles
  10. Hoppe Secustik or RotoSwing
  11. Color: TItanium satin chrome (standard), bronze, white, polished brass hinges
  12. Cover hinges with matching handles: titanium satin chrome (standard), bronze, polished brass, white
  13. Optional: hardware with concealed hinges